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The Reggae Ambassador

On Saturday the 17th of November one of the greatest reggae selectors and broadcast moderators will visit Hannover for a dance at Black Sugar (behind C & A). It is David Rodingan from London/England.

He is truly one of the greatest figures in the reggae business. He always proves that he is a great entertainer. He takes the plunge between every part of the reggae music: from Roots over Ska and Dub until modern Dancehall. And he just won the famous Riddim Clash in Dusseldorf. He is truly an unique person with a huge range of dubplates.

So make sure to be there.

By the way: Rodigan was born in Hannover.

17.11.06 12:05

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*** (20.11.06 15:29)
I have to agree that Rodigan is a great musician. Even though, I do not like Reggae etc. a lot, I enjoy to listen to his sounds. It is really sad that he could not perform on saturday, but due to the fact that his mother just died, this is really understandable!

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