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New Post

After a long time, I decided to refresh my blog again. In the last six month I was really very lazy to write English: I worked quiet a lot, I was travelling one month in Ethiopia and the last few weeks I was enjoying the beautiful sun. What a pleasure!

But this time (sad but true) is nearly finished because I am going to start my practical education as a jurist at the first of June.

Hopefully this is only the first of many more post in this blog. I have already a few nice ideas to write about. For example the amazing experiences in Ethiopia and a anecdote about German life(dead)style. To have a lot to write about I decided to buy myself a small notepad. Now I can write down every thought immediately when he appears.

I wish you all a pleasant time! 

7.5.07 11:27


Yesterday there were burglars in the house of my parents. My mother was dozing while the burglars try to enter the house. But she was not sleeping very well, so she woke up from suspicious noises. After that she decided to lock the door to her bedroom first. Then she tried to wake up my father. That was not that simple because my father is a little bit deaf and my mother was trying to avoid that the burglars would find out that they were awake. However, she managed that and luckily they have a telephone in the bedroom so they could call the police.

While they were waiting for the police they watched the two burglars how they smoked cigarettes in the backyard (why would they do this?). Finally, the police arrived and my parents could leave there "Panic Room".

At the end nothing was missing. Only the door was broken.


15.11.06 11:15



I forgott to post a picture! It's a little bit older but who cares?!

14.11.06 15:51

Learn English!

This site is dedicated to my wish to improve my English writing skills. I would be very happy and thankful if you could correct my mistakes or else just write me your comment to my articles.

I will write about daily experiences as well as about actual topics. But first I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Ole and I am from Hannover/Germany. I am 24 Years old and I just completed law school. Now I am planning a trip to Ethiopia with a friend of mine. We are going to stay there for a month in march 2007. After that I hope to get the opportunity for an internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

That is all so far!

14.11.06 15:30


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